Child Custody

Child custody and parenting concerns arise in many legal arenas, so turn to the experts to help clarify and explain your best course of action.   

Child custody

We are here to assist you with understanding how the State of Michigan views child custody.   A child custody dispute is one of the most stressful and emotional arguments of your life.  The State of Michigan uses a best interest test based on a number of factors to determine custody and parenting time.

Our goal is to help you understand how custody arrangements are decided and ensure there are no surprises.  We understand that any family law case involving children is a difficult time.  CAROLYN GASTON & ASSOCIATES, P.C. will help get the answers you need and get you the most favorable result.


Michigan law allows for temporary or permanent guardians for minor children.  A guardian has the legal rights to make decisions affecting a child’s medical care, schooling, housing arrangements, and routine day–to-day activities. 

We will assist you preparing your informational guardianship packet for probate court and provide guidance on acquiring letters of recommendation.  A Petition for Appointment is required for both temporary and permanent guardianships in the State of Michigan. 

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Paternity actions or disputes in Michigan can be requested by either the mother, father, or the State of Michigan.   A paternity action is a lawsuit involving a child born outside of wedlock and focuses on the overall care of the child.  Paternity will decide which parent has custody, parenting time or visitation, child support, and determine how uninsured medical expenses will be paid.

CAROLYN GASTON & ASSOCIATES, P.C. can assist you through the process.  We recommend you hire us versus relying on the county prosecutor’s team.   We will give your case the full attention it deserves and the matter will proceed much quicker through the court.

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Revocation of Paternity

Paternity may be established via an Affidavit of Parentage.  If you signed one and find out later the child is not actually biologically yours, we can assist you in reviewing whether you may be eligible for legal revocation of your status as legal father. 

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We assist with divorce, child support, alimony, annulments, and legal separations.


Child Neglect

Michigan's CPS is reponsible for investigating any allegation of child neglect. We can assist in these matters. Call us today at (616) 243-3331.

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