Child Neglect

Michigan’s Child Protection Law requires certain people to report any suspicions of child abuse or neglect to Children’s Protective Services.  Unfortunately, this means some parents end up being wrongfully investigated.   

Child Abandonment

Parents or guardians have a legal responsibility to protect their children and to ensure they are not exposed to harmful situations.  Abandonment charges do not stem from accidentially forgetting or leaving a child.  A parent or guardian must intentionally sever custodial ties and do so without regard for the child’s safety & well being.

Child Abandonment - Examples

Unfortunately, some cases of child abandonment aren’t always what they appear and can fall into a vague area of the law.   If you are facing child abandonment charges, please call Carolyn Gaston & Associates and we’ll help defend you against the charges & help you understand Michigan’s mandatory reporting laws.

Child Endangerment

Child Endangerment charges are brought when a parent, guardian, grandparent, teacher, or daycare worker places a child in imminent danger.

Child endangerment charges focus more on the potential for harm or injury to the child.  An example would be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a minor child in the car.   Because driving drunk or impaired often results in accidents and even death, this is considered child endangerment.  The same would apply for leaving a child unattended in a hot car or in the presence of individuals using illegal drugs.  

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Refusing Medical Care

In Michigan, medical neglect is usually report by hospital workers or other medical personnel and results in a petition being filed by Child Protective Services (CPS).   Claims of medical abuse are becoming more common as parents seek out other treatment options or second opinions and medical professionals being held accountable for not referring situations to state authorities.

CAROLYN GASTON & ASSOCIATES, P.C. has the experience to assist you through the process of understanding the law, a CPS investigation, and ensuring the facts of your case are heard in a timely manner.

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